As far as venomous snakes are concerned, none of them produce particularly pleasant effects once they bite their victims. We all know different snake venom is deadly for different reasons, but seeing exactly what this particular snakes venom does to blood is terrifying.

This clip from an older BBC special shows a Russell’s viper being milked of its ven0m. The snake, which kills thousands of people in Southeast Asia a year, isn’t to be taken lightly.

The extracted venom is loaded into a syringe and an ounce or so of blood is brought over to be tested. All it takes is a single drop of venom for the blood to completely change. Within seconds it looks more like Jell-O than anything resembling a liquid.

Despite the horrifying results of what this vipers venom does to blood, its ability to quickly to coagulate blood could be used to actually save lives one day.

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