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VIDEO: Slow Mo Guys Jump Onto Trampoline Covered in 1000 Mousetraps

If there’s one thing that we think of when we see a mousetrap (besides cheese) it’s the sight of a pencil snapping in half as the trap is engaged. It’s the classic example that parents show their kids as to why it’s a really bad idea to mess with one.

Apparently the Slow Mo Guys never got that lesson. Either that or they just didn’t pay attention or care. Whatever reason left them with zero fear of mousetraps, it’s the reason we now know what it looks like for a guy to dive right into the middle of 1000 mousetraps in the middle of a trampoline in super slow motion.

All things considered, he fared better than we would’ve ever imagined. Out of all of those traps, he only ended having one latch onto him, which only grabbed onto his hair. All in all it looks like he had a way better day than getting hit in the face by a water-filled soccer ball.