As fun as skiing is, we can’t say we’d ever want to stand on the narrow peak of a mountain and take the view in while in a pair. Especially after seeing what happens when this guy does just that and loses his footing, tumbling down the side.

Two guys were freeride skiing when they decided to take a break right on the edge of a rock face and capture some footage. At this point, if you’re anything like us, you’re having a slight panic attack for the guy filming because you know there’s no possible way he could survive falling.

Once he goes over, it looks like this guy doesn’t have a chance in the world, but somehow he keeps managing to avoid directly hitting rocks until he stops at the bottom.

He survives — and somehow appears to be mostly uninjured from the sound of it.

We’re not sure if this guy had pants lined with lucky rabbit’s feet or what, but he’s definitely got somebody looking out for him.


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