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VIDEO: Protesters Harass Fishermen for Enjoying a Day of Fishing Before Stealing a Fish and Throwing It Back in the Water

If there were a masterclass on how not handle situations when someone does something that offends your delicate sensibilities, these protestors would be a prime example to reference.

A group of animal rights extremists saw a couple of guys fishing at a park in St. Petersburg, Florida, when they decided to cause one of the most attention seeking, overdramatic scenes we’ve seen.

Here’s the video that’s been making the rounds:


Bob Hope and his father are the two fishermen in the video who were confronted by the protesters, who were members of an animal rights grouped called Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas.

Hope was approached by a child who asked him to stop fishing and release the fish back into the water because fish have feelings.

“I turned to him and said I respect your opinion but I don’t share your opinion so we’re going to continue fishing. That’s when six or seven people ambushed us that what we were doing is wrong and we’re hurting the fish,” said Hope.

Their argument started out with stating that fish feel pain before it quickly escalated to comparing it to hooking both a dog and a child in the mouth. If they think that fish and human children are the same, then it’s a good thing they apparently have no idea what what bigger fish do to smaller fish in nature.

One of the protestors, named Kayla Leaming, said the men were hostile towards the boy who asked them to stop and they “laughed in his face.”

The funny thing is that the anglers hardly engaged with the protesters, so Leaming and the others were obviously delusional to the truth of the situation. Their disregard for reality is only made more apparent when they claim that others are leaving the park because of the violence these fishermen are taking part in – it couldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that a group of people were disturbing the peace and ruining everyone’s day at the park.

The cops eventually show up after the fishermen called them and broke up the situation.

If we ever found ourselves in a similar situation, we hope we’d be able respond to the situation half as graciously as Hope and his father did.

How would you respond if a group of protestors harassed you for simply enjoying your day?