A grizzly bear unknowingly became the subject of an experiment while stumbling upon a deer hanging from a tree. Little did he know that this deer had an electric charge running through it that would make eating it difficult.

The deer had been roadkill that had been tied up and connected to an electric current for an experiment to protect hunters’ game kills and reduce bear encounters with humans. As soon as a curious grizzly discovers the deer, it doesn’t take long to realize the current is more than effective at scaring it off — but only temporarily.

Getting shocked obviously wasn’t enough to keep the bear from returning a second and third time in an attempt to eat the deer. The second encounter ended much like the first, but by the time he came back the third time, the bear ended up figuring out how to disconnect the power source. After that, it didn’t exactly charge right in. It poked and prodded the deer until it finally determined it wouldn’t get shocked again. At this point the grizzly ripped the deer from the tree and dragged it off.

The method turned out to be effected, but there needs to be a protective cover r something similar in order to keep the bear from knocking the power out.

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