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VIDEO: Pelican Mooches Off A Boats Livewell While A Sea Lion Swims Up To Check Out The Action

There’s no telling what you’ll run into when out on the water!

Greg Glesinger from the Drury Outdoors team was headed back to the bay after a day of fishing when a pelican swooped down and started grabbing a free snack out of the livewell.

Apparently, pelicans aren’t the only ones that know about mooching off of fishing boats because a sea lion swims up shortly after and attempts to get an easy meal. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a little too big and at the wrong angle to get anything for dinner.

It doesn’t look like that pelican plans on sharing, either!

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Didn’t expect that to happen….. This was NOT planned 🌊 @gglesinger_druryoutdoors has officially seen it all!!! So cool.

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