It’s the bass that setting the internet on fire! “Ryan Reynolds of San Mateo just caught and carefully released this huge 19 lbs,” according to the Lake Chabot Facebook page. And, he did it all from a rented skiff!

According to WesternBass.com:

Reynolds’ largmouth shattered the standing lake record set in 2002 by Louis Vasquez for a bass weighing in at 17-pounds.


“I had to work in the morning; so I was crossing the San Mateo Bridge and noticed how nice the weather was,” recalled Reynolds. “I had a couple of hours; so I grabbed my fishing rod, went to Chabot and rented a skiff.


“Me and my brother pounded this lake all summer long and it’s been so slow. Last year, we did really well. Not so much this year; so I wasn’t really expecting anything.”

Ryan also videoed the release – WARNING: NSFW excited 19-pound bass release language!


Sometime before noon, Reynolds hit an area near Alder Point. He made his second pitch to large submerged tree in 20- to 25-feet with a Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Double Tail Hula Grub (black and blue) on a ½-ounce football head jig. At about mid-point of the fall, he was met with a “big tick” He answered with a hookset and the fight was on.

“I felt her shake her head a couple times and I figured it was a keeper bass; but when she breached the water, I saw her head was just massive,” he said. “I immediately freaked out.

“I put pressure on her and she wrapped me around a tree limb. That freaked me out more. I fought her for about a minute, did a couple of figure eights with her – it felt like forever. I didn’t have a net; so I reached in with my whole hand in her mouth and pulled her out.”


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