Andy Davis of Colorado was having coffee before going for a run when he noticed he had a few visitors on his porch.

It was four mountain lions — his run would have to wait.

“The mom of the mountain lions hopped up on the patio,” he said. “I reached over real slow to grab my phone and snap a couple pictures and then right behind her came the three babies.”

Although he’s seen other wildlife around his house, he hadn’t seen a mountain lion before.

The big cats drank from the water fountain before moving on.

“I was just amazed. My whole life I’ve been waiting to see cats,” he continued. “Never seen a mountain lion the whole time I’ve lived up there.”

Davis says he wasn’t nervous because he was inside, but we might have felt a little different.

“My dad always warned my mom, take something with you when you go out on a walk because you don’t know what’s going to be out there in the woods,” Davis said. “I highly doubt I’ll ever get to see something like that again.”

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