It’s a pretty incredible any time you’re able to get an up-close moment like this deer encounter.

After some deer wandered into a neighborhood, this dad decided it’d be a great opportunity to let his kids meet them and give them some food. They end up feeding an absolutely gorgeous buck as the man instructs his son on how to behave.

It’s definitely going to be a moment that these kids never forget.

At the same time, it probably wasn’t necessarily the smartest thing to let these kids get that close. These are wild animals after all and anything could happen.

The man is obviously aware that the interaction needs to be handled carefully, at least judging from his coaching on how to behave in order to stay safe. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment — especially one like this — and forget about the worse case scenario because you’re too focused on how incredible what you’re witnessing is.

Still, hand feeding deer is illegal and could turn very dangerous very fast.

Luckily, neither the deer or the kid spooked the other, so everything ended great.

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