What could you make with stuff you found on eBay?

Inventor Colin Furze put that question to the test when he teamed up with eBay to build a replica of the Hulkbuster suit from Avengers: Infinity War.

Eight weeks and 250 items later, Furze brings us his replica built by a team of six people that weighs over a ton and stands over 10 feet tall and almost 8 feet wide.

This isn’t Furze’s first time building something from items exclusively found on eBay. He previously built a 360 swing, a hand-built jet bicycle, and a giant Star Wars Tie Silencer and AT-ACT that were solely built using parts from eBay.

“Marvel mania has well and truly hit fever pitch in the UK with Black Panther, Thor, Captain America capturing the nation’s imagination,” said Gareth Jones, Director of Marketing eBay UK, in regards to building the Hulkbuster. “As we countdown to the release of Avengers Infinity War, we’re already selling two Marvel related items every minute and our epic build of the Avengers Hulkbuster is a celebration of a great cinema moment.”


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