Most people will never even attempt to climb Mount Everest. Of the people that do make the decision to do so, most of them will only ever climb it once.

Kilian Jornet definitely isn’t like most people who choose to summit Everest. The ultrarunner was looking for a new challenge after winning all of the big races in his career, so he decided to start setting the fastest times for ascending and descending mountains.

It looks like he decided climbing a mountain just once wasn’t enough by the time he got around to doing Everest. Naturally, he decided to do it twice.

Below, Jornet talks about his motivations for taking on the challenge and how he ended up scaling taking on Everest twice in the same week.

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  1. […] We thought Kilian Jornet would have a hard time coming up with anything crazier than climbing Mount Everest twice in one week. […]

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