Growing up in the South, there’s one dish that you’ll find at every food-oriented social gathering (and let’s face it, every social gathering in the South is centered around food) that everyone has their own take on — chicken and dumplings.

Chicken and dumplings may sound like a simple enough concept, in theory, but no one person’s batch is ever the same. One of the most debated aspects of chicken and dumplings would have to be the dumpling itself. You’ve got your frozen dumplings, dumplings made from a can of biscuits and you’ve got your handmade options.

Hoyt Tidwell and his famous chicken and dumplings aren’t here to cut any corners or take the easy way out. There’s a reason a video of an older man making dumplings from scratch has reached over 2.2-million views on Facebook with over 40,000 shares and that’s because this kitchen magician took us right back to the Sunday dinners of our childhood with these delicious looking dumplings.

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