From the looks of this clip, it appears two hikers in Sequoia National Park accidentally ended up in a terrifying situation where a cougar was staring them down, ready to pounce. They’re both understandably scared and at a loss of what to do next, but they eventually manage to get away.

It turns out this clip, which was edited to show the encounter from an altered perspective, wasn’t what happened at all.

The below clip shows two hikers who acted in the stupidest way possible after spotting a cougar walking down a trail. Instead of avoiding it completely, they chose to follow it — landing them in the dangerous situation of facing down a cougar that has found higher ground.

This is a prime example of why it’s an awful idea to ever sneak up on a predator in its own environment. Don’t be these guys unless you want to be savagely mauled by a wild animal.


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