What would you do if you found a dead shark on the beach? You’d probably check it out, take pictures and maybe even a video. Chances are you wouldn’t get down on your hands and knees and start cutting it open.

That’s exactly what one man did after he and some friends found a dead shark on a Cape Town shore in South Africa. He cut it open because he realized there was movement in the stomach area of the shark, making him think it must be pregnant. A few cuts and a lot of shark guts later, he and his group end up rescuing three newborn sharks that would’ve died without there help.

Despite many “shark experts” commenting about how he should have called someone because those sharks needed help, that’s not exactly the case. Sharks are immediately abandoned after birth and they are born with the instinct to know how to survive alone. It’s almost like they’ve been surviving on their own for a long time or something.

WARNING: Graphic Content

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