An unlikely friendship continues to develop between Amur the tiger and Timur the goat that was meant to be his dinner, at Primorsky Safari Park in Russia.

Apparently, Timur had other ideas and took charge of the situation.

According TheDailyDot: “Timur was supposed to be one of Amur’s twice-weekly meals of live animals, but the stubborn goat wouldn’t let himself get eaten without a fight. He chased Amur out of the tiger’s sleeping spot and has since been spending nights in the feline’s pad, while the clawed beast has been exiled to the shelter’s roof.”

UPDATED 1/29/16: The goat and tiger friendship has ended, and it was because of eating. But, not what you think. Timur put on 44-pounds since his move, and is more sloth than goat at this point.

“Timur’s problem is obesity, which can be harmful for his health,” Dmitry Mezentsev, the park director, told TASS. “We have decided to fulfill two tasks—to carry out Timur’s veterinary checks and to keep him safe from possible changes in the male tiger’s behavior.”


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