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VIDEO: Game Warden Frees Bull Elk From Electric Fence By Shooting Off Its Antlers

Josey Branch hadn’t been a game warden for very long when he responded to a call about a bull elk that was stuck in a fence in Kiowa County, Oklahoma.

Branch arrived and discovered a 5×5 bull that had managed to get stuck in just about everything. Not only was he stuck in an electric fence, he was also caught up in a cotton bale tarp and a barbed wire fence.

It didn’t take long for Branch to realize the only safe way to free this elk would be to shoot it free. He grabbed his handgun and got as close as he safely could, taking careful aim. He shoots both antlers above the base so he doesn’t injure the bull elk. After shooting the antlers off, he shot at the remaining wire and tarp, breaking enough if it away for the animal to make its escape.

Nice shooting, Warden Branch!