These two playful gorillas picked the wrong primate to play around during their shenanigans at the San Diego Zoo.

After rolling around on the ground inside a glass enclosure while visitors observed, it appears a nearby silverback gorilla isn’t paying them much attention as the two gorillas continue to play. Unfortunately, the silverback didn’t appreciate them getting in his personal space and decided to sucker punch one of unruly gorillas, promptly putting their fun to a stop.

Even though he successfully ended their fun, he wasn’t done throwing hands just yet. A few moments after he initially hit the first gorilla there’s another silverback that walks by. He must’ve thought things had cooled down, but he found out how wrong he was after getting punched right in the face as he walked by.

We’re not sure what happened to make this gorilla so angry at his buddies, but he might want to cool it down or he might find himself in an unfair fight.

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