Attempting to save an animal doesn’t always work out. That’s something this family learned the hard way — thanks to their cat.

“My son brought home an injured squirrel to see if we could rehab and release,” the parents said. “We kept just few days and he made some improvement. We decided to go ahead and try to release.”

It’s too bad they didn’t realize their cat, Tom, was outdside during the release and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The squirrel actually manages to start scaling the tree, but as soon as it looks like he’s going to be okay, a flash of orange darts up the tree and away with the squirrel.

“We had no idea our cat Tom was outside at the time of release. Once Tom got the squirrel he did immediately drop him at our door. Tom the cat did not kill the squirrel. He lived a few more days and then died from what ever he was sick from originally.”

Maybe the squirrel died from being sick or maybe he died because Tom attempted to eat him but didn’t finish the job. Either way, it’s propbably a good idea to make sure the cat isn’t around when tryign to save small rodents.

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