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VIDEO: Epic Wolf vs Moose Battle Captured on Drone

One of the greatest things about drones is their ability to capture pictures and video of moments that would’ve been impossible to capture if it were just you and a camera. They offer a peek into moments like this fight between a wolf and a moose.

Dan Nystedt captured the footage in Northern Ontario near the lake shore. He had been recording the moose on its own and had decided to leave. But just as he was about to fly off he saw the wolf. Everything from the encounter was captured using a Phantom 4 Pro.

Even though wolves typically don’t attempt to hunt down much larger prey on their own, this wolf apparently likes a challenge and went after the moose on its own. The wolf chases after the moose after a brief fight and manages to latch on right behind its front leg.

The moose does manage to break free of its bite after several minutes and goes out deeper into the lake as the wolf follows. The wolf eventually gives up after tiring out and because it has no really effective way to attack the moose.

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