Three wolves chasing down a tiny dog doesn’t sound like it could possibly end any way other than the dog being eaten. Fortunately, this dog manages to surprise us, the wolves and probably even himself when he pulls one of the smoothest (possibly unintentional) escapes ever.

The video starts out showing the dog surrounded by three wolves. No matter which direction it turns, one of the wolves is always right on its tail, biting at it.

Just when it looks like it’s all over, the dog jumps and manages to perfectly pass through the opening between the wires in the fence, finding its way to safety. In the end, it was the size difference that saved the dog since the wolves were too big to get through.

Here’s the translated text from the original post:

“Up until 3 years ago, seeing or photographing wolves was something quite rare. Now instead we are invaded by photos and videos of wolves standing still or walking, but seeing a scene of predation does not happen every day. A few months ago I happened to watch some wolves chasing the deer (but I could not film them) and now 3 young wolves, less than a year old, trying to prey on a small dog, biting it twice. Their lack of experience and the low power of the bite have been to the advantage of the dog that this time managed to escape by jumping into a hole in the network. The dog is saved and today he was in the enclosure along with goats and other pets and in those few minutes that I observed him he killed a little chicken under the eyes of the owner who has not had time to save her.”

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