If you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight between a shark and a crocodile, then here’s your answer.

Christian Kennedy and Jadranko Silic, two fishermen in Perth, were out on a charter boat when they witnessed the unlikely encounter.

After having been out on a week long fishing adventure in June along the Kimberley coast. They were on the Prince Regent River when they decided to drop anchor.

“The boat crew were filleting fish from a recent fishing expedition and were disposing of some of the fish scraps off the back of the boat when the croc approached from nearby mangroves,” said Kennedy. “Surrounding the boat were several sharks which had begun to circle the boat to eat the fish scraps.”

“The huge saltwater croc approached the feeding frenzy of sharks. But it wasn’t interested in the fish scraps, it just lay in the water patiently waiting…then suddenly, as a shark swam up to grab a fish scrap, the croc grabbed the shark and dragged it away to nearby mangroves.”

Everyone was “pretty amazed” by the whole thing, according to Kennedy.

“I’ve seen sharks and crocs in the wild, but I’ve never seen a croc catch a shark before,” he told PerthNow. “Everyone was pretty amazed. It’s not something you see every day.”

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