This homeowner didn’t know exactly what to expect when he went to check out the intruder that caused his security alarm to go off. Armed with what is most likely a pistol with a laser sight, he discovers the perpetrator – a buck that had found its way into his home.

It’s obvious that neither of them really know what to do next when they both see each other. The guy isn’t sure whether or not he should have his pistol or a TASER and the buck is completely frozen in fear. Whatever he does, he doesn’t want to cause the deer to charge and injure anyone.

After what seems like an eternity of a staredown, the deer finally makes a move for the door. He slides all across the floor but he finally makes his way out the back door, where he jumps right into the pool, putting himself into an entirely different stressful situation.

The buck finally manages to get out on his own before sprinting off into the woods.

Unusual Burglar

This guy was startled when his burglar alarm went off as it wasn't your traditional burglar.Credit: David SikesLicensing – [email protected]

Posted by Wot Da Hell Dat on Sunday, June 11, 2017

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