Racing in any form can be dangerous when proper protocol isn’t followed. This highspeed accident during a boat race shows how quickly a day at the races can turn dangerous.

The boat that initially got hit was slowing down for an unknown reason. While slowing down it veered to the right of the course. The typical procedure in a race like this is to move toward the center of the course when slowing down for whatever reason.

In this case, the ‘rooster tail’ from the boat that slowed down obstructed the vision of the boat behind it. When the boat white boat comes up on the white boat, it attempts to pass it by going to the right.

Unfortunately, they had no way of knowing the orange boat would also break right while slowing down. They end up launching off the orange boat and are sent flying through the air before landing upside down in the water.

Luckily, the pilot and throttleman managed to get out quickly and appeared to be safe. Rescue managed to get out to the wrecked boat in about 30 seconds and started assisting the crew.


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