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VIDEO: Bear Wonders Into Hotel Lobby And Tests Out The Couch

After being open for 109 years, you’d think the Stanley Hotel had seen it all.

It turns out they’d never had a bear try to check-in. At around 4 am back in August, the night supervisor captured video when a black bear wandered in and started exploring the lobby.

“When you’ve been open this long, it’s amazing when you get to see something for the very first time,” said¬†Activities Director Jill Schladweiler.

After waltzing through the door, the bear goes over and checks out the couch as it hops on to take a load off. Once it was done testing out the leather, it hops down and walks back out.

“You know, this is something we’ve never experienced, the Stanley’s been open for 109 years,” Schladweiler said.

If the¬†hotel seems familiar, that’s because the historic building was Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining.

Surprisingly, the bear didn’t actually cause any damage during its walkthrough of the lobby.

“The Stanley has a lot of stories to tell and I think that’s one of the coolest parts about it,” Schladweiler said.