Whoever said you should avoid bear cubs at all costs in the wild should’ve said that goes double for an elk calf.

The clip shows a bear cub as it discovers a young elk that’s attempting to hide under a downed tree. It’s clear the cub thinks this is its golden opportunity to get a free meal and practice some hunting skills.

The bear cub found out the hard way just how bad of a mistake that was and how far an elk mother would go to protect her calf at all costs. The mother scares the young bear up a tree and thinks her work is done. Unfortunately for the bear, it quickly forgot the lesson it just learned and attempted to jump on the calf again.

Momma elk springs int action again, this time kicking the cub and causing it to scurry up the tree as she runs off. Luckily the calf is able to get away, but not before the bear proves it doesn’t fully understand the lesson and jumps at the calf one last time before watching its dinner run off.

Luckily the bear didn’t have a mom in the fight or things would’ve ended a whole lot differently.

Video: Bear Cub Tries to Eat Elk Calf, Elk Mom Kicks It In

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