When moose go into rut, all bets are off. The world is basically there’s while they work through their spike in hormones and we just have to live with the damage.

This incident occurred in Anchorage, Alaska and pretty much shows that putting your car in the garage is always a really good idea. The owner of the Prius had just gotten back from taking her dog for a walk when she returned to find the moose attacking her car and mailbox. It had previously been peacefully eating out of her neighbor’s yard but had become agitated at some point while she was gone.

WARNING: Some NSFW Language

“As I left my home with my dogs for our morning walk, I noticed a moose peacefully nibbling out of my neighbor’s yard. When we returned from the walk, the moose was agitated and attacking my car and mailbox. I initially started recording in order to document for insurance, and also to share with friends and family. The attack went on much longer than I initially expected. Eventually, I tried to call my husband at work to see if he could help me contact someone to help. When he didn’t answer, I ended up calling 911. While I was on the phone with the 911 operator, the moose ran off. My dogs were well-behaved during the whole incident, and no animals or people were injured.”

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