Knowing your target and what’s behind it is one rule that trumps everything when it comes to handling a firearm. No matter how well you know how to handle a gun is pointless if you don’t think shooting.

These two anglers were out enjoying a day of fishing when a stray bullet whizzes by and hits their boat. A few inches in another direction and one of them could’ve been shot. This is a prime example of why being proactive when taking aim is important.

Another great rule to live by is taking responsibility when you do something really, really stupid — unlike what the shooter does. Instead of apologizing profusely for nearly killing two strangers after shooting their boat, he just says, “No, I did not. I shot the tree.”

Just remember, be careful out there and know what you’re shooting at. And don’t be the jackwagon that says you didn’t just shoot a guys boat when you definitely did — must’ve been that other guy shooting in their direction.

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