No one expected Paul Burt to catch anything after making a cast to catch a potential shark in a popular public lake during a morning segment of TODAY in Australia, especially not Burt.

After getting past a flurry of laughs with host Karl Stafanovic, Burt is asked to take a shot at catching the shark. Burt readies his rod and reel and gives it a cast. And while he may not have caught his intended target, he definitely hit a mark!

Not only did his cast hit a mark — that was an absolute monster of a cast — it snagged something almost as surprising as if he had actually caught the supposed shark.

“I’d go to another shot,” Burt says as he realizes he’s not reeling in an empty lure, but one with a bird on it.

The resulting reactions are as awkward as they are hilarious — a lot like the entire segment. Even so, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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