Weird things happen in Walmart’s across the nation everyday, so saying something strange happened in the superstore isn’t exactly earth-shattering news. But the story involving two men being kicked out of a Virginia Walmart after bringing in a dead buck in a shopping cart is absolutely bizarre.


A manager of the store told the men to leave after he received complaints about the dead deer they had brought in.

The men picked the deer up off the road and loaded it up after it had been hit by a car by a nearby Walgreens and called a friend to come pick them up. No one knows exactly why they would’ve thought bringing in the buck was something they should do, but they brought it in the store while they were waiting.

“We can assure customers that the deer carcass never got into the store,” said Walmart spokesperson Charles Crowson said in a statement. “It remained in the vestibule, far from any produce or sensitive areas, and the gentlemen were promptly asked to leave immediately.”

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