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Two-Headed Calf Named “Lucky” Shocks Farmers

Stan McCubbin saw something he never thought he’d run into on Friday. He spotted a calf on his property that made him do a double-take. It wasn’t because he was surprised to have a new addition to his cows – this newborn had two heads.

That’s right. Two heads. One body.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

“I saw two noses. I thought it was twins and then when I saw her, I was just completely blown away,” McCubbin told WDRB-TV.

“He was just like, ‘I’ve got a two-headed calf,’ so I was in shock,” said McCubbin’s wife, Brandy.

They named the three-eyed calf – it has three eyes, two of them being in the same socket, which she can’t see out of – “Lucky,” because she’s lucky to be alive.

While it’s incredible the calf is alive, because two-headed calfs usually die soon after being born.

Image: Huffington Post

The McCubbin’s contacted Toddy Ray, who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow and owns the largest collection of two-headed animals in the world, for advice on Lucky.

Ray believes Lucky has a better chance at survival than most since she is able to stand.

“The calf has been standing, which is a very good sign. Most calves with two heads like this one can’t lift their heads by themselves and therefore can’t stand on their own,” Ray said.

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