Imagine spotting an absolutely massive buck at a distance. It’s whitetail season and it’s a monster, so you take the shot and the buck drops — then things get weird. The buck has two heads; but not in a deformed kind of way. It has two heads because one of them is the decapitated head of a buck it locked up with.

It sounds unreal, but Philip Chaput found himself staring down at this exact situation in North Dakota on October 27.

“At first I just thought it was a monster buck. It wasn’t until it was dead that I saw it had two heads,” he said.

He wasn’t 100% sure that he’d seen either of these bucks before finding them in this bizarre situation.

How the heck did this happen though?

Chaput has a pretty good idea.

“The way that he (dead buck) got locked up in the fight, I think it’s neck snapped during it,” said Chaput. “After that, I think the live deer dragged it around for about two weeks as the severed head was decaying. I think the live deer was looking and found a way to detach the body/deer from itself via barbwire, fence post or tree. The severed head was rotting and had lots of dirt in its open areas.”

However this happened, it’s something Chaput won’t forget, especially since he’s mounting the bucks as is because they were unable to separate the racks.

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