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Dierks Bentley Fined For Illegal Fishing After Fans Report Him

There’s no singing his way out of this one

Dierks Bentley found out that his fans won’t let him off the hook when it comes to fishing without a license this past weekend.

The country music star was fined $139.50 after Colorado concertgoers at the Seven Peaks Festival ousted him to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Concert attendees contacted authorities after Bentley and country star Luke Bryan talked about their fishing experience on stage.

Officials said the fans were curious if Bentley or Bryan had obtained a fishing license, but the reports weren’t enough for them to act on.

That changed when Bentley posted a picture to Instagram with a fish in hand.

What was he thinkin’?

It looks like giving Bryan a hard time on social media about out-fishing him is what gave CO Parks and Wildlife enough to cite him.

@lukebryan only caught one and this is my third in 30 mins… not that it’s a competition,” he posted.

“We didn’t have any proof until Mr. Bentley posted a photo on his Instagram,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Bill Vogrin said.

Bentley took the entire incident with a sense of humor and even appreciated being treated like everyone else.

He even let his fishing buddy know that they need to grab a couple of fishing licenses next time.

“Hey Luke, those fish we caught in the Cottonwood Creek this week here in Buena Vista, we should probably getting a fishing license next time because I just got pulled over,” Bentley said in a now unavailable Twitter video.

“He was as nice as can be,” Vogrin said. “We welcome him back any time to fish, as long as he gets a license next time.”

He even paid the ticket right there on the spot, according to Vogrin.

“Actually appreciate the ticket. Appreciate being treated like a regular person. Appreciate what @COParksWildlife does. I’ll be all licensed up next time!” Bentley’s unavailable Tweet read.

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