If you’re walking across a glass walkway, one of the last things you want to hear is shattering glass and people screaming.

Unfortunately for a group of Chinese tourists, they experienced just that yesterday while walking across the glass bottomed walkway on Yuntai Mountain. According to the Daily Mail, the U-shape platform is attached to a cliff face on the mountain. The 3,540 foot high walkway opened just a few weeks ago.

The crack happened after a tourist dropped a stainless steel mug on the walkway, according to authorities. However, they also noted that only the top of three layers were cracked, meaning there was no cause for concern for tourists on the walkway.

Authorities have since closed the walkway to tourists until repairs are completed.

According to management at Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot, the 854-foot-long platform is capable of bearing more than 1,700 pounds.

In recent years, glass walkways have become more prevalent as tourism officials have catered to visitors seeking thrills.

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