We have a lot of questions for New Yorkers after a “tiger” was recently spotted roaming the streets in the Big Apple.

Many New Yorkers were understandably confused when they received notifications that a tiger had been witnessed walking around. It sounded unbelievable and terrifying for anyone unlucky enough to cross its path.

It turns out that it sounded unbelievable because it wasn’t true. There didn’t turn out to be any tiger roaming the city streets — there was a large raccoon though.

Now, if there was a tiger-sized raccoon strutting around NYC, that’d be room for some serious alarm. However, we’re pretty sure whoever reported this just needs to take a trip to the zoo or do an internet search for pictures of tigers the next time they spot one.

The “tigercoon” was eventually captured and euthanized since it had the potential to transmit rabies.


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