If you’re wondering why it’s encouraged to keep your doors locked and your windows up while driving through a tiger enclosure, look no further than this unfortunate incident at the Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing, China.

The attack, which resulted in the death of one person and the serious injury of another, appears to be the result of one of the passengers stepping out of the vehicle in the middle of an argument.

The video shows a woman step out of a car and walk to the drivers side. The door opens seconds before a tiger appears and drags the woman off, causing the driver to run after them before quickly retreating back before a woman jumps out of the backseat and pursues the tiger.

The woman who was first attacked surprisingly wasn’t killed, though she was badly mauled received serious injuries. The woman who chased after her was killed by another tiger.

Though park workers arrived within seconds of the incident, they weren’t able to save the woman.


If you ever visit a drive-through tiger enclosure, stay in your vehicle.

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