How do you quickly become famous while inciting debates over whether you’re real or not? Allow certain individuals to see you from a distance and take grainy video of you of course. At least that’s the case with the “lion-ish creature” who is dubbed the Milwaukee Lion.

Locals of Milwaukee were understandably concerned about a potential lion on the loose, fearing they could be mauled at any time while outside. However, it’s up for debate as to whether the animal was actually a lion, or if it was a very large cougar, which are native to the area.

Any skepticism as to what the animal doesn’t stop the lion himself, though, as he could be seen on his Twitter handle (@milwaukee_lion) enjoying exploring the city. Like when he decided to take the bus:


Various attempts have been made to locate and capture the elusive animal in question, but with no success.

Stay safe buddy. Good night, and good luck.


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