People on their way to work may have thought they had lost their minds last week after spotting a deer on the roof of a business in Syracuse, New York, but what they saw was very real.

The deer had managed to find its way onto an auto parts store on Burnet Avenue and had many questioning their sanity and sobriety.

“One guy thought he was drunk,” said Marshall Saperstein, who works at Midtown, the auto parts store in question.

They first heard the deer on the roof around 6:45 a.m. But by 7:30 a.m., the deer was gone.

“This has never happened in 50 years,” he continued.

“We don’t know how he got up there and we don’t know how he got down. We can only speculate.”

Ed Calkins stopped and took a photo of the deer and assumes the deer must have used the off-ramp to jump onto the roof. He can’t be certain since he didn’t see the deer get on or off the building.

“I was concerned with how it was going to get down and then what would happen to it,” Calkins said.


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