What’s the quickest way from point A (the top of the stairs) to point B (the bottom of the stairs)? Falling off the side and letting gravity do all the work.

This is a rough way to learn just how unforgiving gravity is. We’er not sure what made this guy think anything about mixing an ATV and stair was a good idea (alcohol maybe? Probably.) but he definitely got it down as quickly as possible. We’re not entirely sure if this guy was okay, but it doesn’t seem likely after having an ATV crush your entire body – even if it was a small one.

Luckily for this guy, his friends were nearby to give him a hand up and more than likely a ride to the hospital.

On second thought, this guy probably needs to find new friends AND a new dog. The friends do run to their buddy’s aid, but better friends would’ve been like, “You’re gonna drive that from there to here? Down the stairs? No way man, you’ll probably fall off and die.” But at least his friends cared enough to run over. But the dog? He just sits there and watches this train wreck of a situation happen from a foot away and takes his sweet time getting down the steps.

At least one of his friends managed to get a sick Snapchat out of this whole incident. At the end of the day, what else really matters?

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