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Alan Bellitera

Alan Bellittera entered the world of sports journalism almost 20 years ago and keeps fighting the good fight in newspapers while living on the west coast of Florida. What follows are a collection of the sometimes insightful, often times crazy, and occasionally not even sports-related thoughts that bang around in his brain

Brent Taylor

I am a homebuilder/developer and have lived in Bartlesville, OK for most of my life with an educational stint at Harding University and a four-year stay in Tabernacle, NJ. My career started in the homebuilding business, then veered into CPA work with a minor stint as a professional golfer. I came to love writing later in life, although I’ve always loved books and reading. The creative process of arranging words on page opens windows to my veiled brain…and sometimes opens doors into understanding others through writing about what I see as I walk along life’s pathway. My roots in writing run deep and I’ve had great models of storytelling including my Dad, Terrel Taylor, my grandmother, Grace Taylor and two of my writing mentors, my brother Greg Taylor who has spent time as an editor and published several books, and my uncle Rudy Taylor, a long-time publisher of several newspapers in southeast Kansas as well as an accomplished writer, storyteller and author. To read more of Brent's stories, click here.

Caleb O'Connor

Caleb O’Connor is 11 years old. He just completed 5th grade and will be attending the International Baccalaureate Program at Johnson Middle School next year. He is an avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast. He participates in baseball and flag football and plans on trying out this year for his middle school’s basketball team. When he’s not on the field or the court, he loves spending time on the water fishing and snorkeling or hunting and exploring at his leased property in central Florida.

Evan Sanders

Jay Shields

Jay Shields is an American host, producer, writer, and fisherman. He loves water in all it's forms, the internet, salt spray, raccoon tans, and his New England Patriots (in Bill We Trust). He currently serves and the President and Chairman of Stellwagen Media. See all of Stellwagen's work at

Jon Chapman

Captain Jon Chapman is a licensed captain from Bradenton, Florida and currently residing in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Capt. Chapman is a graduate of Eckerd College and has been writing a weekly outdoors column in the Bradenton Herald since 2009. The youngest of four children, Jon had to fight for every last bit of fish on the dinner table. At this point, he decided it was best to learn to catch his own fish to provide for himself. At the age of three he began catching bass in a local pond. By 12 he was riding his bike to Palma Sola Bay to catch trout. At 14 he began fishing in the boat by himself. The pursuit and chase of finned creatures consumed his life.

Kate Byars

Wife to an amazing husband who happens to be a writer, a philosopher, and the touchstone who creates joy for our family. Mother to two, sweet-hearted young boys who make me feel like a princess each and every day. Outdoor enthusiast who prefers hiking, kayaks, and diving over lipstick, shopping, and brunches (although those are cool, too).

Kyle Rhodes

An avid outdoorsman who's passion for the outdoors has kicked into overdrive in the last few years, Kyle Rhodes can often be found on hiking trails, occasionally falling into rivers in the early hours of the morning, doing his best to avoid bears. He's made it his mission to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer. When not on the trail or searching for his next outdoor adventure, Kyle can generally be found exploring new cities, training for his next mud run and consuming unprecedentedly large quantities of food.

Lilla Chapman

Lilla Chapman is seven years old. She lives in Lake City, Florida and attends Westside Elementary School. Lilla loves animals, riding her scooter, playing with friends, fishing, reading, spelling, and being artistic. She's won the Art Award in Kindergarten and First Grade. She has a vivid imagination which is shown by her unique stories. She writes and illustrates all of her own stories entirely by herself! When Lilla grows up she wants to be an animal trainer and an author.

Melissa Macarages

Melissa Macarages is a wanderlusting, adventuring, fishing, hunting, ocean-loving momma with a soul of a salty gypsy. Follow her on Instagram: @one_salty_gypsy

Peter Laughlin

Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman IV is the creator of Outdoors360. He's an award-winning marine artist, outdoor columnist, and tournament-winning angler from Bradenton, Florida. Rob has designed for outdoors companies throughout the world, and created the Fish Poker, Scubafish, and the Rob Chapman IV collection. He's an IGFA world world record holder, social media and marketing junkie, cardio-hating, junk food loving goofball. Rob has been married to his wife Andrea for more than a decade, and has two daughters, Lilla and Molly.

Rob Choi

I'm a 36 year old super lucky, American born Korean dude man with a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son, and awesome (and good looking) wife who generously allows me time for my piscatorial pursuits. In January 2008 I bought my own and my addiction went to another level. I've been a junkie ever since and I'm always scheming of ways to get out on the water. My family and work obviously come first, but any free time I get, I'm always looking for that "tug that is the drug." I just can't seem to get enough and my passion for the sport has grown far greater than I ever thought it would be. To read more of Rob's stories, click here.

Sean Stahlo

I am a native Floridian, born and raised in Melbourne since '93. Growing up most of my friends wanted to be firefighters, astronauts, doctors, etc. I wanted to be Jose Wejebe. I idolized him. His knowledge and passion for the ocean was contagious. My summers were spent fishing and diving from Alaska to Key West. If the ocean was blown out, I would skimboard, wakeboard, bodysurf, skate, and play soccer. In 2014, I launched Salty Roots (a fishing/diving apparel company) with my good friend Capt. Ryan Hambel. We wanted to use Salty Roots as a platform to meet like minded people, travel to new fishing destinations, spread the message of conservation, and create quality, authentic apparel inspired by our time spent on the water.

Todd Davis

Todd is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing the great state of Texas. He is a freelance writer and member of Outdoor Writers Association of America. Todd also owns Davis Outdoor Adventures. He has been hunting, fishing, and trapping for over 30 years.

Travis Thompson

A 5th generation Florida Cracker, Travis Thompson can be found plying the waters near Boca Grande for snook and tarpon - provided it's not duck season, when he could be seen anywhere from Arkansas to South Dakota to his home waters chasing his next waterfowl fix. Interested in an inshore charter - contact him at [email protected]

Troy Roberts

While he may not be the quintessential outdoorsman (or, being completely honest here, much of an outdoorsman at all), Troy Roberts' true peace is found along the road, paved or not. An avid runner, Troy has competed in more than a dozen races in the past year, from local 5K runs to mud runs and half marathons. Like most runners, he will talk to you about running, whether you want to talk about running or not. He's also known to explore - and get lost in - the vast wilderness and hiking trails. A professional writer for more than 16 years, Troy has served on the editorial board for numerous national publications, including Cinescape Magazine, Now Playing Magazine, Computer Games Magazine, and iF Magazine. Troy currently works in public relations/marketing and lives in Lake City with his wife and two daughters. To read more of Troy's stories, click here.