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Blair Ashton

Josh Bibler

Josh Bibler was born and raised in Bradenton, FL and has been fishing local waters his entire life. Whether fishing the creek banks for freshwater bass or wading the gulf coast shore lines for Snook and Redfish there was never any doubt he was obsessed with fishing. That is still true today and he spends every free moment on the water. With a primary focus on inshore fishing, Josh has competed in some of the most prestigious redfish tournaments in the country. With several first place wins and numerous top 10 finishes, the highest honors came in 2012 when he won the Flatsmasters Elite Championship and bested some of the most honorable professionals in the industry. His passion and dedication for the sport are unrivaled and he shows that as an active member of several non-profit associations including the Coastal Conservation Association and Snook and Gamefish foundation. When not on the water Josh is working for Manatee County Government as an IT Network Administrator.

Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore is one of the most recognized faces in weather. Known for his live reports from severe weather events, Cantore embodies the passion and knowledge of The Weather Channel that makes him the weather authority viewers turn to when forecasts turn dire. He has covered every major weather event during the past 25 years, including Hurricanes Katrina and Irene and Superstorm Sandy, solidifying his and The Weather Company's role as the leading source for severe weather coverage. Cantore is well known for his animated, tenacious style, both in the field and in the studio.

Easton Corbin

Born and raised in rural Gilchrist County, Fla., Easton Corbin spent much of his time on his grandparent’s cattle farm when he was young. “I lived a mile from the Suwannee River,” he says. “I grew up fishing on it and I loved to work on the farm. Every weekend, that’s where I’d be.”

Colby Culbertson

Adrian Gray

Adrian E. Gray is a self taught photographer and artist specializing in fish/marine related content. Born in East London, South Africa, Gray followed his passion to South Florida, USA where he lives and works as a full-time creative coordinator for the International Game Fish Association. In his spare time he fishes and pursues his passion as a photographer and artist.

Kellan Hunt

Saying Kellan Hunt is a "born fisherman" isn't a complete exaggeration. On one side of his family are the legendary Captains Scott and Justin Moore and on the other his father Salt Life and Outdoors360 team member Courtland Hunt. If Anna Maria Island, FL has a "child star" it's probably this blonde-haired, blue-eyed outdoor prodigy.

Courtland Hunt

Raised and trained as an outdoor sportsman in the Northern Woods and Great Lakes of Michigan, Courtland found upon moving to SW Florida in 1990 an opportunity to extend the hunt deep into the ocean. With his 1st GoPro camera he found a tool to take the world with him on epic adventures into the woods and deep into the oceans. His passion for documenting his adventures in hunting, fishing, scuba diving, and spearfishing can be seen in short, exciting videos being shared all over the internet including A graduate of University of Florida, Courtland lives near Anna Maria Island, FL with his wife and son. Follow his adventures on YouTube and Facebook!

Kevin Knighton

Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his dad in Florida. In High School he had his first introduction to television production and moved on to work at a local ABC affiliate television station for almost 10 years before owning his own production company. Working with Michael Lee and Woody Sullivan producing Backwoods Life TV, Kevin has traveled the country chasing everything from antelope and alligators to wild hogs and whitetails. Kevin is married to his high school sweet heart, Vera, and currently has a son, Kyler.

Meredith McCord

Meredith McCord resides primarily in Houston, TX, where she runs a successful chain of paint-your-own-pottery studios, The Mad Potter (est. 1998). Thanks to her incredible staff at The Mad Potter, Meredith has the opportunity and availibilty to work/travel part-time for Tailwaters Fly Fishing Travel, out of Dallas, Texas as a lodge scout, ambassador and trip hostess. She has parlayed her passion for fishing and travel into doing some fun TV and film work with a fly rod in hand, stalking fish on flats, rivers and lakes around the globe and in her home state.

Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan is passionate about fishing and all things outdoors. A mad keen adventurer his love of fishing ultimately steered him away from the corporate world and into a career as a photojournalist and presenter. A decade later he is now Australia’s biggest fishing profile and according to Al never has never had to work a day in his life! ‘If you love what your passion will make it a success’. A 39 year old father of two Al spends more than 200 days a year on the water successfully combining his passion for fishing, conservation and photography into a viable business. Al now contributes to magazines around the world including Modern Fishing, Outback Mag and Club Marine.

Hunter Mcpherson

Hunter is a member of the (SAF) Student Angler Federation. In his first year fishing the SAF (Freshman Year) he took part in the High School World Finals in Russellville Arkansas coming in 14th out of 130 teams. In just his second year fishing the SAF he won the 2014 SAF Florida State High Championship earning a spot in the High School World Fishing Finals. Competing against 127 teams he won the 2014 SAF World Finals with his partner, Brandon Branch, winning college scholarships. Fishing in his third year of the SAF he’s competed with partner, Laramy Strickland, in the 2015 SAF Florida State Championship, The Florida Open, and Big Fish award - winning all 3! He’s been given the opportunity to promote and be an ambassador of the Student Angler Federation. Hunter recently spoke at a Florida State Wildlife Commission , and received an award for superbly representing Florida and winning the SAF World Finals.

Brittney Novalsky

Brittney Novalsky, 27 was born in Melbourne, Florida. She was introduced to fishing by her father, John who was a local commercial fisherman and clammer. Fishing was a way of life for their family - it wouldn't be unusual to trade fish at restaurants for meals or to be absent from school when there was more to learn outdoors than at a desk. Brittney decided to carry out her passion for the water and turn it into a career after her father passed away. She has a legacy to continue and it is fulfilled daily on the water and off. Every month Brittney travels the state of Florida teaching inshore and offshore fishing classes just for women at locations such as BassPro Shops, White's Tackle and Gander Mountain. What is unique about her workshop is that they are entirely hands-on from tying knots, rigging ballyhoo, tagging fish for conservation and throwing a cast net. Fishing is her full time career and she welcomes new opportunities to put a positive and motivating spotlight on women in the fishing industry.

Parks Robinson

Fitness and athletics have always been a part of Parks Robinson’s life. You could even say that it’s in his blood – his family has been in the sporting goods business for three generations, and as an avid runner and former collegiate baseball player, Robinson has a passion for all things related to fitness. So, it just made sense for him to unite that interest in sports with a retail business in the form of Fit2Run, the Runner’s Superstore. A unique fitness venture launched in 2006 in partnership with his father, Parks now operates 16 running stores – 15 in Florida, one in California – that offer personalized customer service and athletic gear for runners and walkers of all levels. More information can be found at

Steel Rockett

With a name like Steel Rocket, you could say he was destined to spearfish aka sling steel! At just 19 years old, Steel can hold his breath (static) for about four minutes, and can free dive at depths of close to 120-feet. He started spearfishing at 5-years old and is a decorated tournament winner with Championships up and down the Florida Keys. It’s in his blood. His grandfather was a diver and a dive shop owner (with his grandmother), and developed many spearfishing tools from hookah rigs to powerheads. His father, George Rockett, has been a commercial diver all his life, and a tropical fish collector – as does Steel. His mother, Kat Rockett, is an incredible free diver, shark diver, and spearfishes with the family. Steel’s future is bright in the spearfishing community.

Sam Root

Sam is a professional photographer and media consultant living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. A native of Thailand, Sam immigrated to Virginia as a child and caught the fishing bug early. Root started as a photographer for national fishing TV shows and shot photos for B.A.S.S events. He created the Salty Fly tournament in 2011. The 3 day annual event quickly became the largest Saltwater fly fishing tournament in existence. Today, his photographic work accompanies journalism and commercial projects in print and digital form. “Cover photo by Sam Root” has appeared in a number of titles, including Florida Sportsman Magazine, Sportfishing Magazine, and ESPN Saltwater. His work is also featured in many fishing tackle catalogs as well as being displayed at the IGFA.

Ron Ryals

In 1983, when Ron was just 5 years old, he went into surgery for a heart condition. Complications from that surgery left him paralyzed from the waist down. It never slowed him down, as he started fishing and hunting around Live Oak, Florida, with his dad – while in a wheelchair. During the early 90's, Ron and his dad began competing in different bass tournaments with great success. Eventually, he became completely independent, started fishing solo, and 18 years ago began guiding. Ron won the PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America) Bass Tour's 2010 Angler of Year. In addition to the PVA Tour, Ron has fished the Bassmaster Opens in 2009, 2010, and 2013, and then won the PVA Angler of the Year again in 2013.

Elliot Sudal

Elliot grew up in the northwest hills of Connecticut. He had a pond in his back yard, and he hold’s it responsible as the gateway drug to his angling addiction. His father was a tournament winning surf fisherman who targeted striped bass from the rocky shores of Rhode Island. His first real adventure was buying a one-way plane tickets to Anchorage, Alaska at 18 years-old to live in a tent hauling buckets of fish from boats 14 hours a day. He recently reenacted a “Nantucket Sleighride” by hand-lining an enormous shark off the coast of Nantucket in only a 9-foot dinghy. There are thousands of adventures and stories in between - sailing the entire Caribbean, traversing glaciers, or wrestling sharks. He hopes to continue to educate about shark conservation, and his dream is to reach a broader audience.

Pam Tillis

A child of Music City royalty, Mel Tillis, and a former rebel, Pam Tillis was determined to find her own way as a singer and songwriter — and she succeeded. A CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, she has written songs for some of the top singers in and...beyond Nashville, including more than a few of her own hits. Tillis has 13 Top 10 hits on her resume, including the #1 hit, Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life), and numerous other Top 40 singles. Pam currently lives in Tennessee outside the Nashville city life - surrounded instead by water and nature. As she travels around the country she loves to fish the local waters with local guides; from the trout in the rivers surrounded by the mountains in the Western U.S., to redfish in the saltwater of her native Gulf of Mexico.

Bryan & Greg Watts

Twin brothers Bryan and Greg Watts go hand in hand with competitive redfishing. They have a remarkable career highlighted by three “Angler of the Year” awards, and 2 National Titles in Redfishing. They won the 2003 ESPN Redfish Cup, 2000-2001 Herman Lucerne Champion, 2001 National Champion, 2001 IFA “Team of the Year” Champion, and are a 4-Time IFA Winner. Their professionalism, competitiveness, and exceptional track record have established the Watts Brothers as the paradigm of a successful tournament angler. They currently serve as Manufacturers Representatives with Team Power Pole.

Chasten Whitfield

Chasten Whitfield has been fishing since she was three. She loves to be on the boat, whether it's fishing, scuba diving or playing at a sandbar. Chastens drive has always been to help and give to others. Chasten won First Place in her inaugural tournament in 2013 for the lil darlin’s division of this tournament. She recently started recruiting members of her fishing team "4A Cause Fishing Team", a portion of proceeds for each tournament won will get donated to a kid charity. Off the water she stays involved in the fishing industry by teaching seminars on various topics, volunteering at children's fishing events, and writing articles for fishing magazines. Her ultimate goal is to continue to help others and to host a fishing show just for kids.

Ritchie "The Great One" Zacker

Ritchie Zacker is the ultimate Spearfisher. Year round, he makes his living in the Commercial Spearfishing industry, shooting on F/V 'Just Shoot Me', out of Hudson, Florida. During his down time, he competes in spearfishing tournaments (freediving and SCUBA). With over a hundred competitions under his weight belt, including wins from State and National Championships, four Spearfishing World Records, and a case full of trophies, he is one competitor and spearfisherman to reckon with! Zacker was also recently featured The Weather Channel’s ‘Catching Hell’.