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Tarpon Rips Pole Out of 5-Year-Old Kellan Hunt’s Hands

At just 5-years-old, Kellan Hunt has a lot of fishing experience under his belt already. But even the most experienced fishermen can be caught off guard by the unexpected, especially when it's a tarpon that hits your line like a truck. Kellan and his dad, Courtland Hunt, were out searching for ...

East Central Florida Fishing Forecast – March

Spring has sprung! I don’t care what the ground hog says these are heating up! Capt. Jonathan Moss here with this month’s Orlando Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report! Freshwater: The last few months have been producing solid Crappie and American shad action on the St. Johns River but as things ...

Northeast Florida Fishing Forecast – October

The Mullet are on the move! The Inlet has been alive with schools numbering in the thousands. The Tarpon and Sharks can be seen blowing the Mullet up at every turn as they navigate out of Mayport Inlet. We've been cashing in on the abundance of gorging Tarpon this week. It takes next to no ...

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