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Beheaded Elk Earns Hunter a Felony for the Illegal Kill

You never know who's watching you. Zackary Holdaway may not have seen the hidden trail cams that were recording him, but they saw him. Thanks to that footage, he realized the hard way that breaking the law will eventually come back to bite you after he received a felony sentencing when a multi-year ...

Spotlight Poaching Brings these Hunters a 3-Year Ban

Scott Michael Blachly, 41, and Kevin Duane Neu, 40, were both recently banned from hunting for the next three years after pleading guilty to illegally using a spotlight to hunt deer on November 4. Blachly was also placed on probation for three years for using artificial light to help kill a ...

TWRA Bans Two Poachers from Hunting for Life

Densibel CaldazaImage: TWRA La Vergne residents Densibel Calzada, 23, and Eddy Albert, 21, have been banned from ever hunting again in Tennessee and 43 other states, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. The ban comes as a result of the men illegally killing at least 40 deer and ...

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