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Senate Votes to Block Obama’s Gun Control Rule

An Obama-era regulation that would have prevented roughly 75,000 people with mental disorders from having the ability to purchase a firearm was blocked by a Republican-led Senate during a recent vote. According to critics of the rule, it was too broad and discriminated against the disabled in an ...

Is Titanium Bulletproof? We’re About to Find Out

Titanium is a pretty strong metal, especially considering how light it is. It turns out it's so incredibly strong, almost anything shot at a 1 1/4" block of it barely leaves a scratch. Demo Ranch doesn't disappoint in his field test as he fires an entire arsenal at it. From .44 Magnums to slugs to ...

More Women Buying Guns in Wake of Trump Win

Sales for most items experience a surge during the holiday season, so it's no surprise that gun sales rise this time of year. Just like other holiday seasons before, more people are buying guns. What has changed, however, is who's buying them. Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential ...

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