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VIDEO: Fawn And Its Mother Get Ambushed  While Eating

Nature can be brutal and unpredictable. This footage makes that all too apparent. A fawn and its mother were recorded while eating next to some brush in the woods at night. Right when the video starts, the glowing set of eyes to the right make it obvious something is about to happen. Not long ...

VIDEO: Dog Jumps Into Water to Save Baby Deer

After noticing a drowning deer, a dog in Long Island, New York jumped in after the animal to bring it back to shore. “Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore,” the dog’s owner, Mark Freeley, said. Once Storm ...

VIDEO: Rare Piebald Fawn Has a Completely White Face

Dragon the white-faced piebald fawn isn't something you see every day. The incredible baby deer was born at Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Michigan. Deer Tracks is an animal farm that is open to the public, so check them out if you're nearby because they just might have some more piebald ...

A Lost Fawn Dashes into Home to Hide in Bathtub

Via BuzzFeed: The man had just freed the baby deer from fencing when it ran through the open door of his home in Evergreen and hopped into the tub. After two Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies checked the fawn for injuries, they wrapped it in a blanket and set it free outside, where, according ...

Wild Hogs Kill Baby Deer in Viral Photo

It's the photo that has the hunting world buzzing. It's the most viral hog story since this Slow Mo Helicopter Hog Hunting racked up millions of views. A family of hogs is carrying away a fawn, with no regards to hunting regulations. The photo was shared by's Facebook Page ...

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