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Epic Antenna Base Jump Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Having nerves of steel doesn't come close to describing these base jumpers and their insane jump off a terminal antenna near Bolivia. Saying the tower they jump from is tall doesn't quite cut it either — they're way above the cloudline for crying out loud! We're just glad it's them doing it ...

Cliff Jumping Off a 110 Foot Drop

The guys over at Coulter Productions are known for their absolutely insane aerial tricks and fearlessness of jumping off of almost anything. This latest video doesn't disappoint as the cliff jump off a cliff with a 110 foot drop. I have a slight panic attack when I miss a step going down stairs, so ...

The Most Insane Rope Swing Ever — 600 Feet Over Shipwreck

Devin Super Tramp is a daredevil. He doesn't hide that fact, but you may want to hide your eyes watching this sweat-inducing insane video. "Everyone thinks that I just go out there and have fun, party and be a rock star, but the truth of the matter is what I do, it is work, it's a crazy amount of ...

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