This spinner shark decided to bite the wrong person when it attacked a surfer on Sunday at Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida.

Allen Engleman, 28, didn’t do what most people would do after going through a shark attack. After being sent to the hospital and receiving 15 stitches, he knew something had to be done. Instead of taking it easy or, you know, staying out of the water FOREVER, he decided to get revenge for what happened to him.

“He was pulling me with a lot of power,” he says, describing the attack. “With my right hand I grabbed his pectoral fin. He was tugging on my hand, and I was tugging on him and he let go.”

The shark may have let go, but Engleman was far from done with the shark.

Engleman went to the beach with his son the very next day and decided he was going to catch a shark, but not just any shark, he claims he ended up catching the same shark that attacked him – a seven-foot spinner shark. He says his time as a commercial fisherman has given him a good eye for sharks.

“Now that we got the shark that bit my hand we’re going to filet and eat him,” Engleman said.

Luckily for Engleman (if finding the shark that bit your hand is luck) it’s legal to catch and kill spinner sharks in Florida if they are longer than 54 inches.

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