Via Nerdist:

If you want to bring a superhero to the screen you need people with actual super skills to help make it happen. After watching this Supergirl stuntwoman kick some major ass at the American Ninja Warrior course we can safely say that the DC Comics series found the right woman for the job.

We first came across this incredible run at Comicbook Resources, and it shows stuntwoman Jessie Graff competing in the season eight premiere of American Ninja Warrior in Los Angeles, and dressed in a Wonder Woman getup to boot. She became the first woman to finish the course, including the brand new and larger 15-foot curved wall at the end, qualifying her for the next round of the tournament.

Graff is a former pole vaulter who has a black belt in Tae Kwon, a black sash in Kung Fu, as well as training in five other martial arts (making her a real life Beatrix Kiddo… without all the murdering). On top of this, she has an impressive résumé working as a stuntwoman in Hollywood, not to mention an already impressive past on American Ninja Warrior, where she made it further than any other woman last season.

Graff will compete in the finals, and we’ll be watching and rooting this real life Supergirl when she gets there.


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