Dad Drowns Saving His 8-Year-Old Daughter From Florida Riptide

A family beach trip turns into a tragedy as father drowns saving his daughter A Georgia dad ...
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Whiskey Warehouse Fire Killed Thousands Of Fish

'Drink like a fish' has its limits Bourbon and water don't mix. At least, they didn't when ...
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Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats A day on the water turns into a hilarious nightmare ...
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Hogfish Hunting with Eric Pullen

Hanging out on many parts of the Gulf of Mexico's ledges, rocks and natural bottom, hides the ...
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Anglers willing to travel will find hidden gem on Nature Coast

A few hours north of Bradenton on the west coast of Florida lies the Nature Coast. It's ...
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What is the best artificial lure?

If you could only have one lure to use, what would it be? I proposed this question ...
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Capt. Anthony Leverett defined by positive attitude, love of life

For many of us, fishing is in our blood. It has the power to bring people together, ...
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Miss Sheepshead Wins Beauty Pageant

The middle of March is typically a great time to fish, both fresh and saltwater. For the ...
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