Dad Drowns Saving His 8-Year-Old Daughter From Florida Riptide

A family beach trip turns into a tragedy as father drowns saving his daughter A Georgia dad ...
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Whiskey Warehouse Fire Killed Thousands Of Fish

'Drink like a fish' has its limits Bourbon and water don't mix. At least, they didn't when ...
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Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats A day on the water turns into a hilarious nightmare ...
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Recent Stories

Client with a Wild Hog

Five most common ways to hunt wild hogs in Texas

Are you looking to extend your hunting season? Hunters are headed south long after deer season in ...
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Seagull Looks Like A Cheeto After Falling Into A Pot Full Of Curry

We may have a new breed of seagull thanks to and accident that involved curry. Like, a ...
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Hunter Bags Bizarre “Franken-Turkey” With Bone And Feathers Growing From Its Head

You don't want this gobbler on your Thanksgiving table Frankenstein may be science-fiction, but this Franken-turkey is ...
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Whale, whale, whale

Angler Couldn’t Be Any Less Impressed After A Whale Breaches Right In Front Of Him

We would think a fisherman watching a massive humpback whale breach right in front his boat would ...
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Load Up! Mama Grizzly Gives Her Cubs A Ride Across The Lake

A day in the water doesn't mean loading up all the floats and pool toys they can ...
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VIDEO: Hungry Black Bear Shakes Down The Bird Feeder For A Snack

This bear eats like a bird! Residents of this Brimfield, Massachusetts neighborhood had a furry visitor that ...
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Three Men Sentenced After Illegal Mountain Lion Hunt In Yellowstone National Park

An illegal hunt in Yellowstone National Park landed three men in federal court after they killed a ...
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Drone Records Massive School Of Swimming Stingrays

Drone footage of captured an incredible sight this past Thursday while flying over Bondi Beach, Australia. Hundreds ...
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VIDEO: There’s A Good Reason Why This Alpine Ibex Doesn’t Have Guests Over

We don't know if this alpine ibex doesn't have guests over because of where he lives or ...
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Researchers Take A Deep Dive In Antarctica And Discover A Thriving Sea Floor

Antarctica doesn't exactly bring about thoughts of a place filled with life. Saying it's cold there is ...
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VIDEO: 6-Year-Old And 8-Year-Old Attacked By Their Neighbors ‘Pet’ Raccoon

A six-year-old girl from Clinton Township, Michigan needed five rabies shots after she and her eight-year-old brother ...
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Police Pull Woman Over, Then She Pulls A Gator Out Of Her Yoga Pants

Don't try to smuggle alligators out of their natural environment, especially if you're planning on stuffing it ...
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