Unreal Footage: Game Warden Uses Glock To Frees Two Locked Bucks

Kansas Game Wardens are masters at using guns to save lives Bodycam footage shows a Kansas Game ...
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Thermal Scope Helps Down 45 Coyotes In Epic Footage

The dark won't save these coyotes from meeting a quick and precise end These coyotes probably thought ...
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Boat Captain Arrested After Killing Jet Skier While Going 73 MPH In No Wake Zone

The intoxicated captain had a child on board and was later charged with manslaughter A Redington Beach ...
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Coast Guard Searches Florida Coast For Two Firefighters Missing At Sea

The Jacksonville and Virginia firefighters were on their last fishing trip before selling the boat It's been ...
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Waterpark Wave Pool Malfunction Creates Tsunami, Injures Dozens

Malfunction shows wave pools are WAY better at living up to their name than we gave them ...
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NBA Legend Michael Jordan Catches Marlin In The White Marlin Open

The Miami Marlins co-owner goes after the real deal It looks like being the best NBA player ...
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Deer Gets Wrecked By Pothole, Flips Over It And Keeps Running

Now that's what we call sticking the landing! This deer must have places to go and whitetail ...
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Oakland A’s Sign Fan Who Threw 96 MPH Fastball At Speed Pitch Contest

No scout needed! This fan got himself signed! Speed pitch competitions aren't known for being the best ...
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Chuck Norris Named Glock’s New Spokesman

Chuck Norris and GLOCK — a perfect team A legendary gun brand needs a legendary spokesperson. That's ...
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Beachgoers Rescue Pod Of Beached Whales

Teamwork is needed for beachgoers to save these stranded whales A crowd of beachgoing strangers banded together ...
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Father Of 6 Killed In ‘Freak Accident’ After ‘Intense’ Wave Broke His Neck

North Carolina father loses his life in Oak Island tragedy A fun-filled trip to the beach turned ...
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Fast Friends: Jarvis Landry’s Daughter Befriends Baby Deer And Gives Plenty Of Pets

Deer new best friend... Jarvis Landry might be the star wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, but ...
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Dad Drowns Saving His 8-Year-Old Daughter From Florida Riptide

A family beach trip turns into a tragedy as father drowns saving his daughter A Georgia dad ...
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Whiskey Warehouse Fire Killed Thousands Of Fish

'Drink like a fish' has its limits Bourbon and water don't mix. At least, they didn't when ...
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Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats A day on the water turns into a hilarious nightmare ...
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